Our Services


When approaching commercial projects of any size, Phoenix BIQQ achieves clients’ needs by working with the industry’s leading architects, contractors, and builders. Marrying form and function, we offer unique design solutions that foster community and reflect a business’s guiding philosophy. Whether completing an emerging start-up office or a sprawling luxury resort, Phoenix BIQQ brings a strong background in project management and commercial furniture selection to each project.


Phoenix BIQQ Resources brings a keen eye and thoughtful approach to residential projects in the Klang Valley and beyond. Layering contemporary, vintage and antique furnishings with a fresh mix of art and accessories, we create sophisticated spaces infused with rich personality. By collaborating closely with clients throughout the process, our bespoke interiors are a true reflection of the inhabitants’ unique lifestyles.


Whether you are planning to remodel or lease a new store, our store design team can design, construct, and renovate your store in a strategic way that fits into your budget. After reviewing your store for design related issues, we will materialize the changes you would like to see according to the timeline that was mutually agreed upon.

Designing your dream space is just a click away.